Product Name: Konjac Gum
CAS No.: 37220-17-0
Appearance: Off white to white powder
Packing: 25kg/ brown paper bag
Uses: (1) As a thickener and stabilizer can be added to jelly, jam, fruit juice, vegetable juice, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks, solid drinks, soup seasoning                powder and flour;
         (2) As a binder can be added to pasta, noodle, twisted leather, meatballs, sausage,  bread and pastries to enhance muscle strength and keep fresh state;
         (3) As a gelling agent can be added to a variety of candy, sticky candy and crystal sugar, it can also be used to make bionic food;
            (4) The use of konjac film-forming properties can also be used to produce edible packaging materials, paper and food.
(5) Konjac special physical and chemical properties, has also been widely used in drilling, paper, building materials,printing and dyeing, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

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   Konjac Gum