Product Name: Formic Acid
CAS No.: 64-18-6
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Packing: 25 kgs net plastic drum, total 20mt with 20 pallets or 21mt without pallets in 1*20fcl, 35 kgs net plastic drum, total 12.6mt with 20 pallets or 23.8mt without pallets in 1*20fcl, 250 kgs net plastic drums, total 20mt with 20 pallets or without pallets in 1*20fcl;
1200kg IBC Tank, total 21.6mt in 1*20fcl. ISO Container Tank of 25MT net.

Uses: Pharmaceutical Industry, such as Caffeine, Enzimes, Aminopyrine, Vitamin B; Pesticide Industry, such as Triazolone, Disinfest; Leather Industry , such as Tanning Agent; Textile Industry, such as Acid dyestuff; Rubber Industry, such as Coagulation; Steel Industry, such as cleaning metal; Paper Industry, such as Paper Pulp bleaching; Food Industry, such Disinfectant, Silage.

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