Product Name: Zinc Borate
CAS No.: 1332-07-6/12767-90-7/138265-88-0
Appearance: White crystalline or amorphous powder
Packing: 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag and 1000kg/bag.
Standard package is 25kg/bag. And we can design package according to order.
Uses: Zinc Borate is one multi-functional synergistic flame retardant with Antimony Oxide etc additives in polymers to improve flame retardant performance, it can reduce smoke evolution and adjust the balance of flame retardant properties versus mechanical, electrical and other properties.
Zinc Borate is widely used in PVC applications such as carpet, conveyor belt, wire and cable, and in Nylon, PE, PP etc engineering plastics of halogen free flame retardant systems based on Al(OH)3 and Mg(OH)3, intumescent coating and painting, ceramic glaze, milk glass, decorative paper etc fields.
Zinc Borate is also used in wood composite as fungicide to prevent from decay fungi and subterranean termites.
ZB200 grades particle size is the smallest, it is recommended to wire and cable applications that need much fine particle size fields.

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