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Product Name: Sodium Perborate Mono

CAS No.: 10332-33-9

Appearance: White crystalline granules, free-flowing
Packing: In 25kg polywoven bags with PE liner, 14.5mt pallets and 18mt without pallets in each 20FCL.

Uses: Laundry; automatic dishwashing; personal care; hard surface cleaners; plub processing; water treatment; disinfectant; oxy-releasing agent in aquaculture; textile industry.

Product Name: Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate

CAS No.: 10486-00-7
Appearance: White crystal
Packing: In 25kg polywoven bags with PE liner, 18mt with pallets and 20mt without pallets in each 20FCL.  

Uses: Used as oxidant, mordant and bleaching degreaser etc. in printing and dyeing industry. Used as perm lotion, detergent and material of Toothpaste producing in daily chemical. Used as disinfectant, fungicide and deodorant in medicine. Used to bleach grease, gelatin, wax etc. and as alternatives of hydrogen peroxide in chemical industry. Used to produce oxygen in rescue and medical care.

Product Manager: Lotus Chen(Dept.4)

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