Sales Team

- Sales Team 1 is in charge of construction additives.
- Sales Team 2 is in charge of textiles & leather chemicals.
- Sales Team 3 is in charge of paint & coating chemicals, plasticizers, water treatment chemicals.
- Sales Team 4 is in charge of houshold cleaning chemicals, surfactants, personal care chemicals.
- Sales Team 5 is in charge of food, feed ingredients.
- Sales Team 6 is in charge of APIs for human use, APIs for veterinary use, excipients, agricultural chemicals.

Logistics Team

1. Own warehouse in Xingang Port 3,000 square meters.
2. Contracted warehouse in Qingdao Port 1,000 square meters.
3. Contracted warehouse in Shanghai Port with 1,300 square meters.
4. Contracted warehouse in Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands and USA.
We provide our customers with on time delivery, one-stop shopping, (combination of several products per FCL), certified packaging, and quality guarantee


QA Support: Our approved suppliers are audited by our QA department according to ISO, GMP, EHS, FSSC requirement.
QC Support: Our regular products are sampled & tested by our QC department.
RA Support: We comply with all regulatory requirements of your local market and can help you to process the registration in USFDA, Anvisa, MAPA etc.