Product Name: Ammonium Bifluoride,Flake,Power
CAS No.: 1341-49-7
Appearance: White powder
Packing: In 50lb net kraft paper bags or polywoven bags with PE liner, 19.96mt with pallets or 23mt without pallets in each 20FCL; 
In 25kg net polywoven bag with PE liner, 20mt with pallets or 22mt without pallets in each 20FCL.

Uses: It is used as acid treatment of oil field and making magnesium and magnesium alloy. It is used as light-eliminating, frost-producing and etchant of glass. It is used as protective agent of wood, brightening agent of aluminum, rust removal agent which used in textile industry and analytical reagent etc. It is used in electroplate and electronics industry.

Product Manager: Lotus Chen(Dept.4)Email

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