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We attend professional exhibition every year, including ICIF, Chemspec, Informex, CPHI, FIE, IFT, etc. We do talking with our friend and client face to face, keep close communication in the market...

Trade   Show Name:ME?SPEC 2017
Date Attended:Oct.2017
Host Country/Region:Bahrain

Trade   Show Name:ICIF 2017
Date Attended:Aug. 2017
Host Country/Region:Shanghai,China

Trade   Show Name:IFT 2017
Date Attended:June 2017
Host Country/Region:USA

Trade   Show Name:Vinachem EXPO 2016
Date Attended:Dec., 2016
Host Country/Region:Vietnam

Trade   Show Name:Turkchem Eurasia 2016
Date Attended:Nov.,2016
Host Country/Region:Turkey

Trade   Show Name:In-Cosmetics Latin America 2016
Date Attended:Oct., 2016
Host Country/Region:Brazil

Trade   Show Name:Khimia 2016
Date Attended:Sep., 2016
Host Country/Region:Russia

Trade   Show Name:Chemspec 2016
Date Attended:June, 2016
Host Country/Region:Switzerland

Trade   Show Name:Chemspec 2015
Date Attended:June, 2015
Host Country/Region:Germany

Trade Show Name:ICIF   2013
Date Attended:Sep, 2013
Host Country/Region:China

Trade Show Name:Turkchem   2012
Date Attended:Oct.2012
Host Country/Region:Turkey
Trade Show Name:CHEMSPEC 2012
Date Attended:June,2012
Host Country/Region:Spain
Trade Show Name:Fi Europe 2011
Date Attended:Nov. 2011 
Host Country/Region:France
Trade Show Name:KHIMIA 2011
Date Attended:Oct., 2011
Host Country/Region:Russia